The Effects of Lighting on Our Mood


Casting Light on Your Mood

Much like the image of a lightbulb turning on in our brain when we have a brilliant idea, turning on a light bulb can brighten your mood. Recent studies have shown that the lighting in our homes and offices affect our disposition far more than we think. For example, studies have shown that people are more optimistic on sunny days.
Intense lighting can improve moods drastically or bring them crashing down. This information is imperative for home and business owners so that they install the right lighting for their space.

The Types of Lighting and Their Effect on Mood
Have you ever been reading a book or perusing your tablet and realized that it is getting hard to see? Do you recall that feeling of relief when you finally turned on the light? Low lighting may be seen as “mood” lighting but when it comes to doing everyday activities, low lighting places strain on our eyes and causes headaches. It can also lead to feelings of depression.
There is a time for dim lighting and it is in your bedroom when you are trying to relax. Dim lighting can be used to watch television so that you are not straining your eyes or when listening to music or talking on the phone. Essentially any activity where you are not using your eyes to complete a task.
Bright lighting has the opposite effect. It stimulates the mind which is wonderful for focusing on the task at hand. Be sure that your employees are working in a well-lit environment to encourage productivity. Keep in mind that there is a balance that you want to maintain in your space be it an office or home.
Excessive artificial light can lead to an overly bright room will hurt the eyes. It also leads to feelings of nervousness while they are in the space.

Residential and Commercial Lighting Services in Los Angeles

It is surprising how much light can affect your mood on a daily basis. If your lighting is not up to par then it is time to call a professional.
Residents of Los Angeles can look to Madison Electric for all of their home and commercial lighting needs. For more information about our services, please visit our site or contact us at 310.514.6114. We look forward to working with you.

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