Updating Your Electrical System


Home Electrical System

Your homes electrical literally runs your home and the electrical panel is the power station. Every time you flick on your light or open your refrigerator door, you can thank your electrical system.Your home’s electrical system is a finely honed system. The electrical panel determines how your power is distributed which comes down to the size of your circuit breakers. As time has progressed, your system has reduced in its effectiveness and appliances have grown stronger. A surge in the amount of power that is being used can cause the circuit breakers to trip and often.
Since it is the one aspect of your home that is used every single day, the constant use over a long period of time will require an update. Many homeowners do not realize that their system is in need of a re-haul until they are severely inconvenienced by the lack of power and other issues.

How Can I Tell If My Electrical System Should Be Updated?

As with most homes, there comes a time when certain aspects of your home have to be replaced. Spotting the moment when it is necessary to do so can be a bit trickier.
Older homes tend to be the ones that are in need of a new system. If not for the convenience but for the safety reasons. When the homes were original built, they were equipped with an electrical system that possessed low amp output. These systems put out 30 amps minimum and 60 amps at their highest to power the entire home. Newer lights and appliances require more power.
Your system will protect itself by tripping or turning off when a wire becomes overloaded. If it does not then you run the risk of a fire occurring.
The chances of becoming electrocuted are also increased when your system is older.

Reasons to Update Your Electricity

Safety and convenience are two of the main reasons why you should update your home’s electrical system. An upgrade also increases your home’s value as well. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future then an upgrade will up your asking price.

Residential Electricians in Los Angeles

Unless you are a professional, this is one upgrade that cannot be done yourself. Los Angeles residents can look to Madison Electric for their electrical system re-haul. For more information, contact us at 310.514.6114.

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